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Let’s start with the basics -- What is SEM Marketing?

Search engine marketing is the driving force in how your business reaches a specific consumer base online -- there’s really no hidden agenda. Adzzup uses nearly a decade of proven strategies to increase your websites visibility online, which is achieved through optimization and advertising.

If you’re new to marketing, you might have questions like What’s the difference between SEO and SEM? Well, optimization is just a single strategy that falls into one bigger picture, search engine marketing, which focuses solely on gaining traction to a particular website by high list ranking. Looking at the larger picture, SEO SEM are partners in the grand scheme of your marketing, and essential components in your businesses online success.

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Important Traits of Effective SEM Marketing:

  • PPC Advertising (pay-per-click)
  • Organic Placement with 100% Original Content
  • Knowing How Your Consumers Search
  • Tracking, Analyzing, and Fine-Tuning Data Results

What Makes Adzzup the Best SEM Agency?

Our adwords management and SEM services are top notch because our entire marketing team has earned a total of 9 Google Certifications, that’s more than 10-hours of testing -- not to mention their studying and learning time! Investing this time into our employees has resulted in a significant increase in our overall SEM knowledge, therefore our client satisfaction.

When it comes to getting your business on the first page of major search engines like Google, there’s several factors that play into the equation. Very seldom do we have clients that rank organically in all of their desired categories, especially when competition is abundant. In this day and age, PPC marketing is practically essential for reaching your desired exposure.

What are PPC Ads?

Paid to click advertisements give your business that additional exposure needed to succeed. Many of our clients choose Google Adwords for that extra boost of help. This cost of SEM marketing is great for low budgets because you can set the cost per click, choose your keywords, and decide how your customers see them. Unlike many other marketing campaigns, pay per click campaigns allow you to take control of your ROI and exposure level.

Adzzup uses SEO tactics as a frontline of defense in our proven search engine marketing strategies. Website coding, relevant & original content, as well as quality resources are what make a good SEO campaign successful.

We don’t just provide you with excellent search engine results, Adzzup is backed by a team of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals. After a decade of providing thousands of clients with out SEM services, we’re confident we’ll do the same for you and your business!

Use Adzzup Marketing team to heighten your search engine marketing

Do I Need an SEM Agency?

Not if you don’t want more leads. Search engine marketing platforms are designed to push your business to its fullest potential. Our effective SEM strategies are ideal for when you want to achieve results that are unfaceted and highly-effective in gaining traction with customers and search engines alike.

Going beyond just social interaction with customers, a SEM agency like Adzzup will be able to perform the fine tuning of your marketing strategy, which only an expert can do. Because we’ve dedicated nearly ten years to learning and advancing our own SEM knowledge, Adzzup is beyond confident that you’ll receive results that surpass your expectations.

As a business owner you have enough on your plate. Hiring our amazing team of search engine professionals will allow you to have complete control of your business, with none of the hassle! Allow us to take on your burdens and turn your digital disaster into a money making machine!

Why Is Search Engine Marketing so Important?

When is comes to the grand scheme of things, the growth that we’ve seen in various areas of online activity have been unprecedented. Not only has the growth of online users increased, but the way we use the internet has changed too -- smartphones, smart TV’s, watches, tablets, etc. These are all new ways that online shoppers can find your business, and it’s also the many different ways that can be out performed by competitors.

The way people are searching for things is by search engines, and that’s a fact. So to no surprise, business owners have flocked to SEM marketing in attempt to reach that first page on Google. In order to do that you have to strategize a search engine marketing plan.

What Makes Adzzup SEM So Great?

What separates Adzzup from our competitors is our approach. We begin any new partnership by taking the time to get to know you and your business. The more we know about you -- your weaknesses, strengths, customer profile, and what goals you’d like to accomplish -- the faster we can conquer your niche.

We don’t make promises, but we ask that you give our 90-day maturation period a chance. So many business owners are misinformed about search engine marketing and what it takes to get to the first page. Organic rankings take time -- experts say that 90-days is the amount of time it takes for search bots to analyze your site, and decide where you belong online.

Why You Need to Invest in SEM with Adzzup

It’s the right choice because it’s the way of the future. Adzzup offers a way to target your specific audience, highlight your business in a positive manner, and produce the traffic your business needs. We are search engine marketing experts and have navigated thousands of clients to their first page placement.

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ve been in the business for nearly a decade and have helped several thousands of people just like you. We are the digital marketing experts, and we’ve got the credentials to prove it!

You Need SEM If You…

  • Are struggling to get traction to your website or building an audience.
  • Your website is not ranking
  • You’re having trouble building a brand image
  • You’ve just opened a business and need help making a name for yourself