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Our Strategies, Your Success.

Did you know that Tuesday is the best day to send emails or that over 100 billion emails are sent each day? It’s no wonder why business professionals are using them to stay in touch with customers and prospective buyers. At Adzzup, we’ve made email marketing one of our highest priorities and have spent countless hours researching and learning the most effective methods to all this madness.

When it comes to your business, how do you keep in touch with customers? It might be a little difficult to touch base with all of your customers by phone, and printing flyers would cost to much money. Can you guess what our solution is? That’s right, email marketing.

Using our own strategies, we implement what we know to our own Adzzup clients. Using some of the most talked about email marketing platforms, we’ll create a marketing campaign that gets the job done.

Does Automated Email Marketing Work?

Absolutely! Adzzup uses automated marketing in so many different ways. Did you know that ‘Welcome’ emails have been responsible for an average of 320% more revenue on a per email basis? It may seem like emails were just a fad in the 90’s but they’re making a strong come back! Just think about this, when’s the last time you opened your inbox and saw a promotional email? You probably have one sitting in there right now!

You might also be surprised to learn that in a recent study, 80% of retail professionals indicated their greatest source of revenue came from email traffic! There’s so many ways that you can use email automations to spice up your marketing campaign (e.g. coupons, promo invitations, flash sales, etc.). The best part about it is your ability to customize them to perfectly match your brand’s image.

How Often Should I Send Email Marketing Emails?

Of course this is completely up to you, but we advise that you keep it limited to about 4 to 5 emails per month. Through test and trial, Adzzup has found that 4 to 5 emails per month is a reasonable amount of emails that doesn’t come off as ‘pushy’ or invasive. This gives you the chance to notify your customers about any special deals, follow-ups, welcome letters or to remind them about an upcoming event.

How Email Marketing Helps

  • Cost Efficiency
    • Cost is king in any business, and it’s important that you’re being as cost effective as possible. You can save a lot of money by using email marketing for earning business and attracting new clientele. Unlike PPC campaigns, email marketing has the capability of offering even more ROI than other marketing strategies.
  • Target a Specific Audience
    • Have you noticed a lot of abandoned shopping carts or want a quick way to welcome new customers? The great part about email automation is that it can be specified to any type of customer. Whether it be warm leads, coupon subscriptions or even holiday greetings, you can do it all. Creating separate campaigns for these different buying personas is easy with email marketing.
  • Keeping your Clients ‘In The Know’
    • What this does is allows you to build a transparent and open relationship with your customers. Are you having a sale or want to show your appreciation? The best way to spread news about price drops or new products is by email.
  • Less Intrusive
    • As opposed to something like telemarketing or flooding a mailbox with bulk letters, emails allow your customers to initiate the action without being intrusive. Adzzup’s marketing team has performed extensive research on the most effective ways to get your customers to open emails, and how to avoid being sent straight to spam folders.
  • Analysis and Improvement
    • One of the best parts about email marketing is that it makes it super simple to get feedback for your marketing. You can track how many people are actually opening your emails, as well as clicks. Adzzup offers a really cool analytics report for your to keep up on all the newest stats and conversions.
let adzzup generate you an email campaign that will boost your ROI return on investment.

What can you accomplish with email marketing?

The possibilities are endless. At Adzzup we’ve found that transparency and building a ‘friendship’ type relationship is really effective in any business partnership. Not only can you stay in communication with your clients, they’re being ‘exposed’ to your brand without really even needing to interact.

Think about it, if you see the same name every couple of days it sort of gets stuck floating in the back of your head. That’s when your brand starts to develop an image and makes a permanent residence in your consumers mind. You’ll be well on your way to those big name brands in a matter of no time by sliding right into those inboxes.

Why Adzzup Should be Your Email Marketing Agency

Every strategy that we implement into our clients campaigns are used in our own marketing efforts. We take your success and make it our own personal agenda, because if you’re succeeding then we’re doing our job right. Our turnkey strategy to email marketing and lead generation is what got us to our multi-million dollar stature.

With nearly a decade of experience and several thousands of successful clients under our belt, it’s no doubt that our affordable digital marketing company is exactly what you need. Our entire staff is certified by Google as digital marketing experts, and we’ve got all 9 badges to prove it!

Email Marketing that works