A mans hands on catalogues. Adzzup will optimize your site using powerful business analytics to monitor the traffic

What is Google Analytics?

Are you a business owner with little to no traffic? Do you write your own blogs? When you become a partner with Adzzup, we use data analytics to measure your site’s traffic. Understand that this is only one of our many first-class features, but it isn’t one to be ignored. If you’re like thousands of other website owners, you might be wondering how much traffic your website is actually getting. With Adzzup’s team of marketing professionals you can learn how many consumers are visiting your site, what pages they’re viewing, and where they’re coming from. Through your Adzzup backoffice, you can view all of data 24/7 at your own convenience.

In short, Google Analytics will analyze your website traffic and give you the most detailed report about everything going on with your site. Created in 2005, Google Analytics is one of the most used internet analytic services on the web. Our remarkable team at Adzzup is recognized by their 9 Google Certifications, which they earned individually. With their Google Analytics Certification, we’re confident that our staff will provide you with a top-tier service.

What makes Google Analytics so great is its ability to provide business owners like yourself with detailed reports. In detail, these reports will include the source of your traffic, where they’re located, and what actions they’re taking on your site. This information is crucial in being able to develop and improve your existing marketing campaign, which allows you to adjust your tactics where needed.

Why Adzzup Analytics?

Adzzup began with a sole focus in SEO and an uncanny ability to recognize Google's algorithm changes. Over the years we’ve learned to roll with the virtual punches that Google throws at us, and have absorbed all that Google looks for in a high ranking business. Because Google is constantly making changes and updating the way they function, it’s important that we stay on top of our game.

Google Analytics is the best known web analytics program on the internet, and it’s one we know like the back of our hands. As a client of Adzzup, you too will benefit from this widely used feature in order to track your growth and progress. With our expert knowledge in open source web analytics, we will monitor, manage, and maintain your website data and apply it to your marketing campaign.

We can organize your analytics account into ‘hierarchies’ - essentially, you can keep track of as many websites as you’d like using the same analytics software. It doesn’t matter how many businesses you run or how many websites you operate, they can all be analyzed using a single website analytics software.

How does Analytics Work?

Our fantastic development team will place a small tracking code on each of your site’s pages. This analytics tracker will log each visit and all the data that follows -- the tracker will then send that information directly to your personalized web analytics backoffice. Because we install the tracker on each page, we’re able to see this detailed data in one simple format. The code can be added directly to the pages, or by using a tag management system such as Google Tag Manager. At Adzzup, all our representatives have undergone Google analytic training, so you can rest assured knowing that your business is in good hands.

What analytics should be tracked?

First and foremost, you will want your Google Analytics data to tell you about your website traffic. Your Audience Overview report will reveal how many visitors your site has had, where they were from, the number of sessions on a given day, and a whole lot more. Your web analytics tools includes categories such as the countries, cities, browsers, all the way down to your visitors screen resolution. We can also order full location reports, which will indicate where in the country your site is most popular.

At Adzzup, we do a lot more then gather audience reports. When you trust us with your website analytics, you will receive acquisition, behavior, conversions, and many more reports. There are many tools within the Google Analytics report and it is doubtful that you will need them all.

When does analytics update?

It can depend on a variety of factors. According to Google, site statistics update every 24 hours, although site professionals have often reported updates as quickly as every 30 minutes. Generally speaking, we can indicate major updates between 24 and 48 hours.

If you want to immediately and continuously monitor website traffic, say for campaigns or website changes, we can do that for you. There is a tool within all Google analytic accounts called Real-Time. It monitors whether new content on your site is being viewed, if promotions are driving traffic to your site or app, the immediate effects of a blog or social network post, and verifies that your tracking code is working. At Adzzup, we keep track of all changes on our client’s behalf.

What is a ‘unique visitor?’

One question that pops up frequently is how to define a ‘unique visitor.’ Google Analytics classes ‘unique visitors’ as people who haven't visited your site in seven consecutive days. If the analytics revealed that someone who fell into that category visited the page and looked at five of your website pages, that would count as one Unique View and five Page Views. All that information, and a lot more, is included in the data analytics report you receive from Adzzup.

Who needs analytics?

Many of our clients who are new business owners find that Google Analytics is a lot to wrap their head around. For that reason alone, it’s crucial that you have a knowledgeable and skilled team like Adzzup to provide you with the analytics software you need to succeed. We will work out which analytic tools are best for you, and use that information to help you improve your business' performance. We are here to provide help and advice in every aspect of building your site.